Two Rivers Longbow

A Two Rivers archer complete with longbow.

The Two Rivers Longbow is the weapon of choice among Two Rivers folk. Typical unstrung bows are a hand or two taller than the person drawing them. Black yew is considered the best wood for constructing a Two Rivers Longbow while the bowstring is constructed of tightly wrapped cords coated in a thin layer of beeswax to protect it from the elements.

Soldiers, notably the Shienarans, consider the weapon to be far too unwieldy since it is nearly impossible to fire from horseback. However, the weapon is put to great use defending against the Trolloc attacks during the Battle of Emond's Field. It has a range upwards of 500 paces and is so powerful that it can puncture clear through mail and oftentimes out the back end as well.


The Two Rivers Longbow is no doubt a reference to the English Longbow, which is also made of yew with a very heavy draw weight and able to penetrate armor.


An English longbow made from yew. 6 ft 6 in (2 m) long, 470 N (105 lbf) draw force.

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