• -kay-

    Missing characters

    January 17, 2015 by -kay-

    I would to discuss about the characters that are missing in AMOL:

    the first that I have in mind is Lord Dobraine Taborwin, we read about him last time in Tear in Book 12



    Lady Shiaine/Mili Skane?

    Sharina Melloy?


    the former damane and sul'dam captured by Rand in Altara and given to the Kin for reformation: are they somehow usueful in the last battle??

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  • -kay-

    Moghedien cour'souvra

    January 12, 2015 by -kay-

    So at the end of the Last Battle Moghedien was captured as damane and brought to Ebou Dar. But the former forsaken was also chained by her cour'sovra that Moridin granted to her in their last meeting.

    Now I would ask: the Mind'trap is it still functioning after the new sealing of Shai'tan? If it is so Moghedien can't be kept as a normal damane. She has to explain how the object is working because if it is brocken she will loose totally her mind.

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