• ASisterOfTheBlue

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2014 by ASisterOfTheBlue

    Happy New Year folks!

    A sister of the Blue here. Nothing important to share, no new revelations that need to be written. I just want to wish this amazing community a Happy New Year, or as we say it where I come from, Gott nytt år!

    ASisterOfTheBlue (talk) 10:15, January 1, 2014 (UTC)

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  • ASisterOfTheBlue

    Every thread in the Pattern is necessary to its build and its survival. Every thread in the Pattern has a function to fill; the function may be altered, influenced to do good or do evil by Creator and Dark One respectively, but the function of the thread remains.

    However, sometimes, even we faithful readers riding on the winds of time must be allowed to gloat in someone's death or disappearance. So here's my personal list of people I was glad to see go:

    • Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, number one on any of my lists. I held a deep and personal grudge against Elaida for what she did to Siuan Sanche. Light and silverpikes, but I respected that woman.
    • Alviarin Freidhen received a fitting end.
    • Duhara Basaheen was a pain in the butt that I laughed to see …

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  • ASisterOfTheBlue

    And here I am again, your favourite sister of the Blue is back on the track with another blogpost. This time it concerns people who I was absolutely convinced were Darkfriends. 

    Number one on the list is Sorilea. She was one of the characters who were central enough to show up so often - in a Light-serving, positive manner - that she could rarely be suspected of another allegiance. However, as Shaidar Haran had Elza Penfell remove the wards surrounding the male a'dam, I was convinced Sorilea - who had been shown the wards by Cadsuane - had finally spilled the guts to us, showing her true allegiance. Too bad I pinned out wrong. I still think the case went unresolved. Also, her interest in the Car'a'carn was a bit too great to be entirely witho…

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  • ASisterOfTheBlue

    Dear colleagues and fellow faithful readers,

    It is me a great pleasure to present my latest theory on the One Power to you. It concerns the cleansing of saidin, which took place in 1000 NE.

    It is clearly stated by Moiraine in 998 already, chapter 50 of the Eye of the World, that the saidin inside the Eye is pure to channel, having been purified by a hundred male and female Aes Sedai working together, all of them dying while doing so. 

    Unfortunately we possess far too little information to be absolutely sure, but I believe that this gave Rand the initial idea, once he had calmed down a bit and thought of it again, of cleansing saidin. Secondly, I believe the Aes Sedai who cleansed the Eye already used the right method - to filter saidin throug…

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  • ASisterOfTheBlue


    August 13, 2013 by ASisterOfTheBlue

    Androl! Pevara! Oh, my darlings!

    I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure my feelings on this subject is clear. Androl and Pevara are the absolutely cutest couple in the entire freaking series. Screw Rand and his women, Nynaeve and Lan, Perrin and Faile - although that one is kind of touching- and I always found Gawyn an absolute spoiled, overconfident, ignorant prick and unworthy of Egwene's majesty. Androl and Pevara!

    I'm not sure what's so awesomely beautiful about them. Maybe the way they think of one another once their double bond is in place. Maybe the fact that the Asha'man for long were convinced they couldn't ever love because of their nature, and that the Red are taught to despise and distrust men. I was just really, really happy with…

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