Dear colleagues and fellow faithful readers,

It is me a great pleasure to present my latest theory on the One Power to you. It concerns the cleansing of saidin, which took place in 1000 NE.

It is clearly stated by Moiraine in 998 already, chapter 50 of the Eye of the World, that the saidin inside the Eye is pure to channel, having been purified by a hundred male and female Aes Sedai working together, all of them dying while doing so. 

Unfortunately we possess far too little information to be absolutely sure, but I believe that this gave Rand the initial idea, once he had calmed down a bit and thought of it again, of cleansing saidin. Secondly, I believe the Aes Sedai who cleansed the Eye already used the right method - to filter saidin through saidar and thereby purify it - but they lacked two things; the necessary counterpart - the evil of Shadar Logoth - and the proper strength, since, as far as I've understood it, not even a full circle of seventy-two channellers could take down the person wielding the Choedan Kal.

What do you think?

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