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February 16, 2013
  • AbusiveUncleJoe

    This is the absolute best WoT Music there is. Its incredable. Thought you should know.

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  • AbusiveUncleJoe

    So while I've reread individual books before, I'm just now doing a start to finish reread. Half way through The shadow rising I found myself looking forward to Aviendha chapters, something that never happened before. I've kinda taken over her page these last few days, fulling out details and working on some POV and verb tense issues.

    Anyone else feel indifferent to characters the first time through but then come to love them later?

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  • AbusiveUncleJoe

    Hey everyone Just stopping by, I picked up the audio books for my post AmoL "reread and I am really digging it. I can tell why this was RJ's prefered method to reviewing his work. Anyway, I work in a Grocery store and have to look at Women's magazines all day, I freaked out the other day when I saw this one.

    I was like Whoa! it's Moiraine! and then I was sad, because I know no production company in their right mind would actually make the movies. I can dream though...

    Blog post completed.

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  • AbusiveUncleJoe

    Ok, so I just checked out the Algai'd'siswai page and had a good laugh when i realized that this was taken verbaitem from the WoTRPG core rulebook, including references to other classes in the book. Then I thought about it for a little while. This Wiki already walks a fine line between fair use and copyright infringment, people should at least source their matierial.

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  • AbusiveUncleJoe

    Unanswered questions

    February 21, 2013 by AbusiveUncleJoe

    As the Wheel of time has now turned, I found myself reflecting on a few things that I felt were never really delt with. The First one is of course...

    Now that Grendal has been reveiled as the correct answer, what are the clues? RJ had always thought the answer was obvious and was bemused by our efforts to figure it out.

    Grendal, Forsaken killer.

    Shaidar Haran says that Grendal is responsable for the deaths of A'san'gar, Messana and Asmodean. She kills Aran'gar when she sheilded her and ran from Rand's super bailfire. She kills Asmo (see above.) How is she responsable for Messana's death? Last I knew, she was comatose in the White Tower.

    The Samael Lookalike

    RJ had confirmed that Samael dies in Shadar Logoth. At the Forsaken garden party, we lea…

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