As the Wheel of time has now turned, I found myself reflecting on a few things that I felt were never really delt with. The First one is of course...

Who killed Asmodean?

Now that Grendal has been reveiled as the correct answer, what are the clues? RJ had always thought the answer was obvious and was bemused by our efforts to figure it out.

Grendal, Forsaken killer.

Shaidar Haran says that Grendal is responsable for the deaths of A'san'gar, Messana and Asmodean. She kills Aran'gar when she sheilded her and ran from Rand's super bailfire. She kills Asmo (see above.) How is she responsable for Messana's death? Last I knew, she was comatose in the White Tower.

The Samael Lookalike

RJ had confirmed that Samael dies in Shadar Logoth. At the Forsaken garden party, we learn of the Samael lookalike commanding Shadowspawn in the Ways. Given that the Trollocs invaded at least Caemyln via the ways durring the Last Battle, who is the commander in the ways if not Samael or this Samael lookalike? My theory is that when Mashadar got a hold of him, there was a merging similer to Paiden Fain and Mordeth. I want to know for my purposes as a GM for the WoTRPG, I thought fighting Samael in the Ways would make a good thing for my players to do durring The Last Battle.

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