So there I was in a bookstore around 1995 and there's 4 BIG fantasy books in a series, just they type of thing I like. So I dive in, was just off on a vacation too. Well, I got about half way through the 4th book and I said oh, oh. This isn't going to finish. So, I hit the bookstore again and nothing. A different book store - and there it is - Book 5. Naturally, by about 1/3rd of the way through I could tell this wasn't going to be the end either. A bit of research and I found book 6 was due out in a couple of weeks. Hurray! Cover of that said it was book 6 of 8. Well, we know how that turned out.

And where did the "Arado" come from. Way back in EverQuest I picked this from ARAgorn and froDO.


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