• Dandelionlady

    New to the site.

    September 15, 2009 by Dandelionlady


    I just stumbled across this site.  I am really impressed and excited at what I've read thus far.  I started reading "The Wheel of Time" eight or nine years ago in middle school.  I loved it and still read through the series from time to time.  So many questions I had, I just found answers/insight to within 5 minutes (i.e.- Who killed Asmodean?).  Very helpful and truly fascinating-- I love the bits about who characters where possibly modeled after, where their names may come from, etc.  I'm a sucker for intense characterization, and actually found this site while looking for info on the upcoming movie.  I'm a little afraid af how our beloved characters might end up on screen...

    I am an aspiring actress, so maybe if I work hard I'll be t…

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