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Fbstjoe October 18, 2010 User blog:Fbstjoe

So, after seeing User:Mariecurie7's work on mirror/archiving the blog posts (which is great work btw), I thought hmmm, surely this shouldnt be 'polluting' the main namespace, since its not 'in-universe'. So I was thinking they should be moved to a different namespace (a word before a `:` in a page title), and maybe gain a better naming scheme. After checking the Blog: namespace, and finding it particularly useless for such a task, I converged on the thought that RJ: would work best (though other suggestions are welcome), and that the name of each page in this 'namespace' (which isnt technically a namespace, unless the admins can add custom ones?) would be EITHER (as in TBD) the full title, or the publication date.

And on the same vein, the Question/Answer pages (eg Amazon.com_Interview_2002, formatted correctly :D ) should all be moved to a 'namespace' like QA: and named in a more standardized way (have no idea what though).


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