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Fbstjoe October 17, 2010 User blog:Fbstjoe

Some suggestions for new templates, I've got them all but {{C}} worked out.

  • {{B|[book]}} returns the full name of the book. eg {{B|1}} → The Eye of the World, {{B|loc}} → Lord of Chaos
  • {{Bi|[book]}} returns the initials of the book. eg {{Bi|1}} → TEotW
  • {{B0|[book]}} returns the number of the boo. eg {{B0|loc}} → 6
  • {{C|[book]|[chapter]}} returns the full name of the chapter. eg {{C|1|2}} → An Empty Road *<nowiki>{{C|loc|p}} → The First Message
  • {{Cu|[book]|[chapter]}} returns the full page name of the chapter. eg {{Cu|1|2}} → The_Eye_of_the_World/Chapter_2
  • {{C0|[chapter]}} returns a validated chapter name (Prologue|Epilogue|Chapter_[chapter]) or just [chapter].

I thought it would be useful for a number of the templates (and because I really dislike the namespace pollution of all the {{1}} ones.

EDIT: here's the various sources:


{{#switch:{{B0|{{{1}}} }}

  |1=The Eye of the World
  |2=The Great Hunt
  |3=The Dragon Reborn
  |4=The Shadow Rising
  |5=The Fires of Heaven
  |6=Lord of Chaos
  |7=A Crown of Swords
  |8=The Path of Daggers
  |9=Winter's Heart
  |10=Crossroads of Twilight
  |11=Knife of Dreams
  |12=The Gathering Storm
  |13=Towers of Midnight
  |14=A Memory of Light

  |ns=New Spring
  |bwb=The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
  |strike=The Strike at Shayol Ghul

|The Wheel of Time}}

A template that renders the full name of a book from either an abbreviation or a number.


  • {{B|1}} → The Eye of the World
  • {{B|cot}} → Crossroads of Twilight


{{#switch:{{lc:{{{1}}} }}




A template that returns book numbers for the main series books. It also normalizes other book's to initials.


  • {{B0|1}} → The Eye of the World
  • {{B0|cot}} → Crossroads of Twilight


{{#switch:{{B0|{{{1}}} }}

  |1=EotW <!-- or TEotW? -->
  |13=ToM<!-- or TofM? -->



A template that renders a normalized abbreviation of a book. Default is 'WoT'


  • {{Bi|1}} → EotW
  • {{Bi|cot}} → CoT


A template that retreives the real name of a chapter.


  • {{C|1|2}} → An Empty Road
  • {{C|cot|pblah}} → The First Message
  • {{C|eotw|rblah}} → Ravens




  | {{#iferror:{{#expr:{{{1}}}+0}}


Converts the first parameter into a valid chapter title.


  • {{C0|PblAh}} → Prologue
  • {{C0|10}} → Chapter_10
  • {{C0|RbLah}} → RbLah


{{#replace:{{B|{{{1}}}}}| |_}}/{{C0|{{{2}}}}}

A template that renders a link to a chapter from one of the main books.


The first part (before the /) de-prettyfy the page title (retreives the correct title, and replaces spaces with underscores).

The second part normalizes the second parameter to /Prologue, /Epilogue, /Chapter_{{{2}}}, or just /{{{2}}}

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