So the wheel of time is finally finished. I don't know about anyone else but I felt a sence of loss at the end of it all, like one of your best friends has moved away. Sort of like the feeling when Lost finished (I watched every single episode of that). Afer all I had devoted a significant portion of my life to reading and re-reading the books as well as filling in this (6000 edits). At the end I was confused by some things.

  • Why did Mat pull the Seanchan army out. What was the point to it except weakining the forces of Light. Sure they came in at the end but now they have the strongest fighting force in the continent.
  • I still don't get why Rand's pipe lit??
  • Who was that Aiel lady at the end. I think Aviendha met her in the waste but who was she?
  • Why was sammael and oran'gar not ressurected
  • Who exactly is the broken Wolf
  • Why is Mat not allowed to become a member of the Hero's of Valare
  • What happened to Dobraine and Sulin two characters that were heavily prevelant in previous books just disappeared in the last

I'm sure they are more, if any one can help me that would be sweet

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