As I'm sure everyone knows, Universal bought the rights to the Wheel of Time: the Eye of the World. Beyond this I do not know much more. I saw on IMDB that they said something about a 2011 release date, but for a movie of this size, i find it unlikely that we wouldn't have heard much more about it.

My main problem is that Hollywood tends to warp the book-to-film genre a great deal in order to make it fit the time restraints (HP series, LotR, take your pick) and with books that are so in depth and long running it looks like its going to be a feat. There is also the issue with all the nudity that is involved in this series which they would most likely edit out so the under age kids could watch as well. For key scenes such as Egwene being raised to Amyrlin Seat as well as the love scene between Rand and Aviendha, nudity plays an important role.

Anyone else hear anything about it? Comments?

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