• JaidenTyme

    Hey, MUDders!

    A Moment in Tyme has been around since the early 90s and was the first MUD to have Robert Jordan's personal authorization to exist. With almost twenty years of existence, the MUD has seen its highs and lows. And after several years of lows, the publication of the final book has seen a huge upsurge in interest and really brought Tyme back to life.

    Currently, there are anywhere from 15 - 35 people on. The timeline of the MUD has been moved and now sits just after Book 10 and the Cleansing of Saidin. There is quite a bit of RP to be had, especially among the White and Black Towers, the Band of the Red Hand, the Wolfkin and the Aiel.

    The Imms at a Moment in Tyme would like to invite players, both new and old, to join us in creating …

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