• Moridin 2000

    I'll link to it here so people can find it more easily:

    New Named Characters in TGS

    Should be of use to all to all of us and make updating a little easier.

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  • Moridin 2000

    So much to do!

    November 11, 2009 by Moridin 2000

    I am a little uncertain as to what the spoiler policy is. Are we having a disclaimer on the front page as well as drop down hidden spoilers?

    For now I am just adding to random articles. I also have a (mostly complete) list of new characters from TGS. Would it be worthwhile making a new page just for them as a kind o checklist? I think things will become clearer when the dust settles a bit on TGS.



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  • Moridin 2000

    Working on Moiraine...

    September 22, 2009 by Moridin 2000

    I've been adding some info to the Moiraine article today, mainly restructuring it to that the fits the style guide for character articles a bit more and making the information more ordered. There was also a bit of overlap in places. Also added a physical description of Moiraine.

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  • Moridin 2000

    Seems like forever...

    September 20, 2009 by Moridin 2000

    ..since I last made an edit. Many thanks to Optimous for the truly excellent work on the homepage and various categorisation pages. Honestly, i can't thank you enough. :)

    I'll report my main activities on this blog for future reference. So far today, I've reorganised the Main Series category page by the order the books come in the series, as opposed to alphabetically. The two divisions of the rereleases of tEotW and TGH are included categorised under *.

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