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  • Pedantic

    What is Truth?

    July 8, 2012 by Pedantic

    Hi everyone. I've been away for a few weeks working on a separate project and that project is about complete so I have time to spend working on my second most favorite pastime--editing this Wiki.

    Just before I Ieft, however, I had the very bad grace to stir up a frenzy of posts regarding the Janine Pavlara page. I had two strong objections regarding the article as it was then written and I made my feelings known. Probably in as disagreeable way as was possible and for that I apologize. In the end I agreed that my first disagreement was probably a really stupid claim on my part and withdrew the objection (I objected to the assertion that the Aes Sedai did something because the text did not say outright that they did something, yet when I …

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  • Pedantic

    I have made several entries to existing articles in the last two weeks that indicate that I have searched the series for a particular word or phrase and have not been able to find that word or phrase in any of the 14 books, and so have placed a tag in the article in question (see Amira Moselle as an example). What have I been doing to conduct this search? I have been using my laptop, the Kindle e-reader program, and e-reader copies of all fourteen books published so far in the series (including New Spring). The Kindle e-reader has a search capability that lists all occurrances of a word, partial word, or phrase, if so requested. Each book, however, has to be called up in turn to be searched (i.e. there is no batch-search capability), a…

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  • Pedantic

    Article content

    April 30, 2012 by Pedantic

    I know that when writing an article about one person, event or location, it is necessary to include a small amount of information about other persons, events or locations to highlight the significance of the individual/event/location and their interaction with the main subject, but the extra info pertaining to other than the main subject should be kept to a minimum, and such other information as may be worthy of capturing in this wiki should be put in the primary article of that other subject.

    This topic arose as I edited the Logain Ablar page of this Wiki. Though the article was about Logain, it included a large amount of info about Mezar Kurin, a former close supporter, how he was turned, and included info about how the "13X13 trick" mi…

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