I know that when writing an article about one person, event or location, it is necessary to include a small amount of information about other persons, events or locations to highlight the significance of the individual/event/location and their interaction with the main subject, but the extra info pertaining to other than the main subject should be kept to a minimum, and such other information as may be worthy of capturing in this wiki should be put in the primary article of that other subject.

This topic arose as I edited the Logain Ablar page of this Wiki. Though the article was about Logain, it included a large amount of info about Mezar Kurin, a former close supporter, how he was turned, and included info about how the "13X13 trick" might have been employed. This additional speculation, though interesting, was not necessary. All we really needed to mention was that Mezar's report could not be trusted because he may now be on Taim's team. The other data belonged in Mezar's primary article.

As I edit a large number of articles in this Wiki, I find this happening much more frequently than I care to think about, and I have to admit, when I am writing a brand new article, I am strongly tempted to add all sorts of additional information about whatever just because I think it interesting. It may be, but put it where it belongs, in the primary article, and leave the subject of the current article to be the subject of the current article. Our Wiki will be more compact, will feel more professional, and read more professionally if we do.

Pedantic 00:32, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

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