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How am I searching the series?

I have made several entries to existing articles in the last two weeks that indicate that I have searched the series for a particular word or phrase and have not been able to find that word or phrase in any of the 14 books, and so have placed a [verify] tag in the article in question (see Amira Moselle as an example). What have I been doing to conduct this search? I have been using my laptop, the Kindle e-reader program, and e-reader copies of all fourteen books published so far in the series (including New Spring). The Kindle e-reader has a search capability that lists all occurrances of a word, partial word, or phrase, if so requested. Each book, however, has to be called up in turn to be searched (i.e. there is no batch-search capability), and there is no e-reader version, AFAIK, for TWORJWOT so that must be searched manually, and for that, I depend upon that book's fine index. The search is prone, I admit, to typos and accidents and misinterpretations. That's why I try hard to search several time through the series before giving up and adding the [verify] tag. I have also used separate approaches to the searches. For example Amira Mosell could not be found so I tried searching for "Red ajah," for "Sitter" and for "Red sitter." Alll came up empty. If any of you have suggestions for improvement of this technique, please leave me a message--I welcome suggestions for improving on this crude method of searching.

Pedantic 00:51, May 14, 2012 (UTC)

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