Well now,

As a first blog entry I guess I will talk about the subject that has interested me the most over the years: Manetheren. I adore the back stories that make up the era called "after the breaking" and I wish Jordan had explored more of the rich history available. Sadly in his golden chance to write about it in the expanded universe, Manetheren was granted a whole two pages. The Trolloc Wars were given about the same amount of attention.

I started working on Manetheren related pages in early 2011 but my career got in the way of wiki free-time so I was forced to halt my efforts for a little while. I authored the page for the Battle of the Tarendrelle River and was humbled when I was on other fansites and found it referenced as an excellent article for drawing all the tidbits scattered through the novels together into one comprehensive page. Thanks for the props guys. It wasn't easy.

I'm working my way through the Manetheren/Two Rivers articles one by one. I foresee at least one new page that needs to be created and a few others that ask writers not to expand the pages when I've found more info that could add value and can be cited.

After Manetheren is finished and polished I'll leave the articles to grammar nitpickers and move on to my other subject of interest, The Age of Legends.

Until then.....

Servant of All