Venir Mountains map


The Venir Mountains are a range of peaks lying along the south coast of Altara, stretching from Arran Head almost to the city of Ebou Dar. The Rhannon Hills may be part of this range.

In the early part of 1000 NE, the Seanchan invasion force positioned troops in the mountains to secure their flanks after taking Ebou Dar and also to prepare for a possible march on Illian. In response, Rand al'Thor led a mixed force of 6,000 Cairhienin, Tairen and Illianer troops supported by Asha'man into the mountains and in a series of rapid engagements dislodged the Seanchan forces and sent them reeling back to Ebou Dar. Rand attempted to force a decisive engagement east of the city, but his control of the One Power using Callandor proved erratic and he inflicted substantial damages on his own forces as well as the Seanchan, forcing him to abandon the campaign.

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