Egwene channeling through the Vora's sa'angreal against a to'raken

Vora's sa'angreal, once known as the white rod, is a female sa'angreal in the form of a fluted white wand.[1][2] It is the most powerful sa'angreal currently in the White Tower's possession. The rod is kept in a storeroom in the Tower with other objects of the One Power, inside a narrow unadorned wooden box nestled in red silk. The wand itself is about the length of a woman's forearm, made of an unknown material that looks as though it could be bone or ivory, though it is neither.[1]

This rod was used to Heal Matrim Cauthon's affliction from the ruby-hilted dagger from Shadar Logoth.[1] It was later used by Egwene al'Vere when the Seanchan attacked the Tower. It helped overcome the effects of the forkroot in her system.[2]

Much like Callandor, which is attuned to saidin, Vora's sa'angreal lacks a buffer to protect the channeler from taking in too much saidar. [3]

Later on, as Amyrlin Seat, Egwene wielded Vora's sa'angreal in the Last Battle with great proficiency, destroying countless enemies in awesome displays of the Power. Her first engagement was with the White Tower against a vast horde of Trollocs advancing from conquered Kandor. The Trolloc army was decimated with relative ease, at least until the arrival of the Sharans. Towards the end of the Last Battle she faced Mazrim Taim, who had been renamed M'Hael and elevated to the rank of Chosen, and was also wielding a sa'angreal, the scepter Sakarnen. Refusing to use balefire like Taim, she found its counterweave, the Flame of Tar Valon, which she used to destroy Taim and nearly all of the Sharan channelers. Out of grief for her Warder's death and exhaustion, Egwene drew too deeply of saidar and joined her weave, becoming a crystalline pillar, Vora's sa'angreal frozen at its center.

The pillar and the condition of the sa'angreal was discovered shortly afterwards by Leane Sharif. The Polov Heights collapsed toward the aftermath due to the enormous amounts of the Power that had been used on them, particularly the balefire. Vora's sa'angreal is presumably still buried beneath the rubble of the Heights.


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