The Wheel of Time MUD is a classic old MUD (Multi User Dungeon): a multiplayer game which has been enjoyed for free by web users since 1993. It has since become the most popular online game set in the Wheel of Time world, with a unique mixture of MUDders and Wheel of Time fans.

The Prophecies of the Pattern MUD offers a unique twist and interpretation on the Wheel of Time Series created by Robert Jordan. With POTP we strive to make a game that is as close to the series as possible while also letting the hand of fate control the story.

The Shadow's Embrace is based on the long-running As the Wheel Weaves code, a multi-user, text based game where you can interact with dozens of people from around the world. Explore thousands of rooms in hundreds of zones, do battle with evil, or seek to bring darkness to the lands.

A Moment in Tyme. We're a FREE Roleplay (RPG) MUD based on the Wheel of Time series of books by Robert Jordan. The mud is set in a parallel timeline from the books, at a point just after the events at Dumai's Wells.

Kinslayer MUD: Two races, five different classes, six clans, up to 2000 characters created, and more than 40 player zones.

MirrorsMUD began in 1998, with the goal of recreating as faithfully as possible the world of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. In order to facilitate the feeling of immersion in this richly detailed (and dangerous!) world MirrorsMUD heavily encourages roleplaying, while at the same time not restricting player versus player fighting outside of in-character repercussions.

The Sea of Storms: Here, in the face of the shadow rising, your journey begins at the Sea of Storms!

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