EWoT: Wil al'Seen

Wil al'Seen
Biographical information
Nationality Andoran
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TEOTW 25
First appeared TSR 32
Last appeared TOM 40
Affiliation Perrin Aybara
Occupation Soldier
For others with the same surname, see al'Seen.

Wil al'Seen is a young adult from Emond's Field.

Appearance Edit

He is described as the most handsome boy in the Two Rivers, who charms all the girls. Perrin Aybara once told Egwene al'Vere that Aram, a Tinker, reminded him of Wil, specifically Wil's attractiveness to girls.

Activities Edit

He greets Perrin when Perrin arrives at Jac al'Seen's house.[1] He goes with Perrin to rescue the prisoners taken by the Children of the Light when they are in the Two Rivers. He is with Perrin when they are ambushed by Trollocs in the Waterwood.[2] He participates in the Battle of Emond's Field.[3]

He is in the Battle of Dumai's Wells.

He accompanies Perrin into Ghealdan to track down Masema Dagar. He leaves with Perrin for So Habor to buy some grain for the army.

After the Battle of Malden he now has turns with the other Two Rivers men by being Perrin's bodyguard. He is with Perrin when they find land that appears to have been affected by the Blight. Later, Perrin demands Wil to find all the wolfhead banners in camp and burn them.

Wil acts as Perrin's bodyguard the day of Perrin's trial. He is present when Perrin creates Mah'alleinir. Perrin then asks him to fetch the wolfhead banner for him. Perrin then lifts it to the gathered crowd and declares his acceptance at becoming their Lord and leader.


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