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Windfinder rpg

A Windfinder harnessing the wind at sea

Windfinders are Sea Folk women who advise Sailmistresses, Wavemistresses, and the Mistress of the Ships in plotting a course based on the wind and currents. Windfinders can be found on every ship the Sea Folk inhabit. Many Windfinders can channel, using their ability in the One Power to change the weather to avert storms and speed their ship along to its destination. The Sea Folk call this Weaving of the Winds, which is another name for Cloud Dancing This contributes to the Sea Folk's already well-deserved reputation of speed on the water.

As Weaving of the Winds manipulates the weather with flows of Air and Water, most Windfinders are particularly skilled in those weaves. In fact, Windfinders typical channel powerful flows of Air and Water that are much thicker than most Aes Sedai would dare to attempt. Conversely, many Windfinders have little to no skill with Fire or Earth, even less than most female channelers, since due to the nature of their society's need, they do not cultivate those skills.

Secrecy and revelationEdit

For years, no Sea Folk ship would allow passage of an Aes Sedai on their ship for fear the Aes Sedai would discover their Windfinders could channel, and take them to the Tower to be trained. To allay suspicion among Aes Sedai, the Sea Folk usually send their weakest channelers to the White Tower to give the impression that the One Power does not flow strongly among the Sea Folk and to stop a possible investigation by the Aes Sedai into potential channelling abilities among the Sea Folk.

Although it is the higher ranking Sailsmistress who usually decides who is allowed passage on her ship, the Windfinder is given the right to specifically refuse passage to a passenger who can channel. This long lived tradition of denying passage to Aes Sedai ended when Elayne Trakand and Nynaeve al'Meara requested passage on a Sea Folk raker on business for the Dragon Reborn and Windfinder Jorin din Jubai White Wing granted their request.


A Windfinder apprentice.

Known WindfindersEdit

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