The Winespring is a natural aquifer located on the west side of the Green in Emond's Field and is the headwater of the Winespring Water.[1]


The spring is sourced from groundwater generated by runoff from the Mountains of Mist and its flow emerges from a low rock outcropping with enough force to knock down a grown man. The Winespring is so named because of the sweetness and purity of the water it produces, which is due to the natural filtration the underground aquifer receives as mountain runoff encounters the Sand Hills several miles west beyond the Westwood. The spring is the fresh water source for villagers who have erected a small water lift at the outcropping for collection. It flows heavier during the spring, and serves as an indicator for the approach of Bel Tine.


According to legend, a spring arose upon the site where the Band of the Red Hand fell while defending King Aemon al Caar al Thorin of Manetheren during the Trolloc Wars.[2] At the moment Queen Eldrene felt her husband die through the severing of their Bond, she became filled with fury. In her rage and grief she drew upon saidar and unleashed tremendous forces upon the invading armies of Shadowspawn. In a display reminiscent of the chaos unleashed by insane male channelers during the Breaking of the World, the queen annihilated a large majority of the invading armies upon Manetheren soil. In doing so she became consumed by the One Power and perished, destroying the capital of Manetheren, the Mountain Home itself. Some believe that when these forces were unleashed, geologic shifts occurred in the area of Aemon's Field allowing the natural aquifer to break forth onto the surface. It is likely that The Winespring was created due to these events and is the very same waterflow mentioned in legend.


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