External summary

<<<   An Unexpected Encounter    >>>
Setting: Ebou Dar


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat walks back to Ebou Dar with Thom, Beslan, and Olver. Inside the walls, the city is packed to bursting with Seanchan, not only Deathwatch Guards, the Blood, and sul'dam and damane, but regular citizens, such as farmers. Mat warns Beslan against doing anything that would end up having him and Tylin executed and their heads displayed at the gates. Thom and the prince take Olver to his lessons with the pretty Riselle and Mat walks along the docks. He feels that he is being watched, but ignores it, as he is wearing ridiculously tight clothes, given to him by Tylin, and assumes that people are staring at him because of his clothes. There have been rumors that the Seanchan had a fight with some Asha'man a week ago. He heads back to the Tarasin Palace and remembers that the High Lady Suroth is living there. While he is in a deserted side-alley, the gholam appears and attacks him. Again, Mat uses the foxhead medallion to burn the creature several times. A man's shout diverts the gholam's attention and it flees. Mat walks up to the man, who introduces himself as Noal Charin. He does not have a place to stay for the night, so Mat invites him to the palace, where he can find some space with the surviving Redarms.







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