External summary

<<<   Three Women    >>>
Setting: Ebou Dar


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

At The Wandering Woman, Mat meets Marah, Setalle Anan's daughter. He wonders why she is now so cold towards him when she was so friendly before. She is an authoritative figure, quite unlike her mother, in that she snaps and gets cross at two of her own siblings. One taunts her, saying she is so upset because her younger sister is already married. In the kitchen, he is given food by Enid, who is considerably warmer than Setalle's daughter. Suddenly the innkeeper bustles in through a back door, sending the cooks away and telling Enid to bar the door to the kitchens and not let anyone - Seanchan or no - in. There is a woman with her. When everyone is shoved out of the kitchens, the lady pushes back the deep hood of her cloak and reveals that she is Joline Maza, Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Suddenly they hear Enid shouting, and some stomping. Someone is coming to the kitchens, and has pushed Enid aside. Hurriedly, Mat grabs the outraged Aes Sedai, sits down on a bench, places her on his lap, and pretends to passionately kiss her. Egeanin comes into view. She demands the innkeeper to give her her best room. Anan counters that all of her rooms - never mind the best, or the worst! - have been taken up by Seanchan officers. With a start, Mat realizes that the burly man next to her is Bayle Domon, his head shaved in the way of so'jhin. Egeanin is now a Seanchan Captain. As soon as they leave, Joline clings to him and starts weeping. She is afraid that she will be seen and caught by sul'dam and made damane. Setalle agrees to hide her in the inn's cellar. Somehow, Mat finds himself agreeing to help her escape Ebou Dar along with himself.

Back at the Tarasin Palace, he creeps into the damane quarters and locates Tessi, the former Aes Sedai once known as Teslyn Baradon. Once again, he agrees to help her escape, but she says that he must also free Edesina Azzedin. As he creeps down again, he bumps into Tuon. He gives her the feeble excuse that he was giving a Windfinder a sweet. She seems to believe him. He resolves to talk to Thom and Juilin to get some ideas on how to arrange an escape.