External summary

<<<   Taken    >>>
Setting: Amadicia

Point of view: Perrin Aybara


Perrin rides his horse back to camp, where he is met with dire news: Berelain tells him that Faile and Alliandre have been captured by the Shaido. Perrin goes into a near rage, and Elyas tells him to stay calm. Perrin then reaches out to the wolves, thinking they can help track the Shaido and his beloved wife, but they decline the offer. Then Dannil Lewin rides up, telling him he sent three of the best Two Rivers men to track the Aiel. Gaul and the Maidens also set off in search of Faile. When Perrin enters his tent, Lini comes up to him and says that Maighdin was also with the party. Distraught, Perrin wanders off on his own and finds Tallanvor on the rise where he decides to wait for the trackers.





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