External summary

<<<   A Matter of Property    >>>
Setting: Ebou Dar


Point of view: Egeanin Tamarath

Egeanin is in her room at the Wandering Woman pondering her options. She knows the Seeker still has suspicions about her activities in Tanchico but she will not do anything that will allow him to take her for questioning. Her so'jhin and lover Bayle Domon is with her regretting that they did not dispose of the ter'angreal as they promised Nynaeve but instead presented it as a gift for the Empress, which earned her promotion to the Blood. He suggests that she free him so they can marry and he can take up smuggling again, which she refuses to consider, especially the smuggling.

Bethamin knocks on their door and is allowed to enter. Egeanin captured Bethamin in Tanchico and found that an a'dam worked on her the same as it did on a damane but eventually freed her instead of turning her in and causing an uproar in the Empire. She reports her meeting with the Seeker and that she is to spy on Egeanin for him. Bethamin explains the conspiracy the Seeker has come up with, even though there is nothing of the truth in it there could be dire consequences for Egeanin.

After Bethamin leaves Egeanin starts to write out the manumission for Bayle but he refuses to accept it since she wishes him to leave the city. Bayle insists that he can find a crew to help them starting with Mat Cauthon along with Thomdril Merrilin. Bayle leaves to try to find Mat.