External summary

<<<   To Lose the Sun    >>>
Setting: Sun Palace, Hills of Kintara, Far Madding


Point of view: Shalon

Shalon is with Harine din Togara Two Winds and her swordmaster Moad, following Cadsuane to Far Madding to find Rand. There are other Aes Sedai in the party along with some Warders including Eben Hopwil. Harine is complaining as usual but insisted on going to find Rand since she has a bargain with him that allows her to stay near him. Cadsuane has required Shalon to spy on Harine because it was found out she and Ailil Riatin were pillow friends, a serious offence to the Sea Folk for a married woman. Shalon doesn't understand that it is Alanna's bond to Rand that is guiding them to their destination.

As they near the city, first the Asha'man and then all of the women channelers lose the ability to channel due to a ter'angreal that lies at the heart of the city. As the party enters, all of the men have their swords peace bonded, wrapped in wires with seals so the sword cannot be drawn without breaking the seals. Shalon is reacting badly to not being able to feel the source.