External summary

<<<   Among the Counsels    >>>
Setting: Far Madding


Point of view: Shalon

As they reach the center of Far Madding, Shalon is still affected by the absence of the Source. Cadsuane arranges to meet with Aleis Barsalla, the head of the Counsel that rules the city. Alanna is trying to leave to find Rand, but Cadsuane prevents it. Shalon notices that Jahar is missing and wonders where he went. After climbing up many flights of stairs they reach a balcony looking down on the ter'angreal that prevents channeling in and near the city. Aleis welcomes Harine and Shalon but not Cadsuane.

Verin announces that a man has channeled and down below the women are busy using the ter'angreal to identify the location. Verin uses the disturbance to give warning against offending the Dragon Reborn since the ter'angreal is no defense against large armies. Cadsuane has manipulated Aleis into providing the party with lodgings in her palace. Harine finally acknowledges Shalon's distress and promises to not leave her alone.