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External summary

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Setting: Ebou Dar


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat is meeting with Joline in the basement of the Wandering Woman, still trying to get his plan together to help her escape from Ebou Dar. Joline does not want to wear an a'dam but finally Setalle Anan convinces her that she must. They test using Setalle as a sul'dam but it doesn't work, Joline is not able to go anywhere with an a'dam on her neck.

Outside the inn Bayle Domon catches up to Mat and talks him into returning to the inn. Bayle takes Mat to his room where he introduces him to Egeanin. Egeanin asks his help along with Thom and Juilin who she knows. At Bayle's urging she finally explains to Mat the problem she has with a suspicious Seeker and her need to get out of the city. Mat says he needs three sul'dam which Egeanin says she can supply.

Later Mat talks over the new plan with Thom and Juilin. They agree to leave the next night since they now have everything they need. As he lay in bed that night he can't sleep for wondering what could go wrong and what he can do if it does.