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External summary

<<<   Cold, Fat Raindrops    >>>
Setting: Tarasin Palace


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Everything is finally ready for Mat and his companions to leave Ebou Dar, except for anything unexpected that arises, which is what worries him. Mat knows that he is fated to die and live again, but he suspects that event has happened already. Olver, his servants and some of the Redarms will leave in the afternoon and wait near the road. Beslan figured out what was happening and insists on helping with a diversion which is to happen after midnight. Rain begins and he goes to his room to wait for night to fall and the next part of his plan to start.

Thom and one of the sul'dam will take Joline Maza from the Wandering Woman and meet him at the city gate. Juilin will spirit Thera out of the palace. Mat heads off to the courtyard to meet Egeanin, Bayle Domon and the other sul'dam, Seta and Renna.






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