"The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one age, called the Third Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose above the Aryth Ocean. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning..."
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External summary

<<<   Leaving the Prophet    >>>
Setting: Just outside the town of Abila in Amadicia


Point of view: Global/Perrin Aybara

The chapter opens with the wind crossing Tarabon and Amadicia, and the wind ends up tugging on Perrin's clothes, thereby beginning Perrin's point-of-view, which is used throughout the chapter. In Tarabon a vast Seanchan fleet has brought farmers, crafters, merchants and many others that begin to settle in the area.

Perrin is thinking about the orders that Rand gave him when he sent Perrin forth from Cairhien during Lord of Chaos. Rand's orders were to bring Masema to him, and keep it secret. Perrin had intended to have the two Asha'man Rand sent with him, Grady and Neald, create a gateway back to Rand, but Masema professed to Perrin that Rand was the only person who could channel the one power because he is the Light made flesh. Therefore, Masema refused to utilize a gateway to be taken to Rand. The Aes Sedai and Wise Ones believe Masema should be killed like a rabid dog.

The chapter concludes with Balwer updating Perrin on current events, reprising the role of spymaster that he played for Pedron Niall before his death. Balwer brought Perrin news of two battles involving the Seanchan. The first battle was the Seanchan defeat of King Ailron of Amadicia. Balwer also informed Perrin that the Children of the Light or Whitecloaks participated in the battle, but unlike the Amadician forces, which were annihilated, the Whitecloaks withdrew in good order. The second battle was the Seanchan and an opponent, the identity of whom Balwer did not know. However, as a result of the battle, the Seanchan were thrown back to Ebou Dar from their forward position close to the Illian border. The reader is, of course, aware that this was the battle between Rand and the Seanchan from The Path of Daggers.

The chapter ends with Perrin ordering his companions to pick up the pace as they ride from Abila toward their camp.