External summary

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Setting: Tarasin Palace, Ebou Dar


Point of view: Bethamin Zeami

Bethamin Zeami inspects the damane kennels. While looking over damane and their quarters, she annotates suggestions for further care and training. For Tessi, she suggests harder training and a variable rewards for her in order to break her spirit. After her inspection, Bethamin goes into Ebou Dar planning to shop. On the way to her inn to collect some coins she reflects on finding Renna and Seta held by a'dam. She also realizes that her ability to see weaves and gage the strength of a channeler means she would be made damane if she was tested again. She also thinks of the celebrations that will take place when Tuon removes her veil and takes on her role as the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

A Seeker for Truth is in her room and has gone through her belongings. Almurat Mor has settled on reading her diary. He enlists her aide in attempting find treason in the events of Falme, Tanchico, and those currently underway in Ebou Dar. He asks her to report to him everything she can on who Egeanin Tamarath sees and says.






One Power