For the actual groups of people, see Atha'an Miere and The Kin.

External summary

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Setting: Royal Palace of Andor


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne listens to Reene Harfor's suspicions of two people in the palace who arrived towards the end of her mother's rule. After Reene leaves, Elayne runs into Vandene, Kirstian, and Zarya. Vandene tells her that some of the Kin cum novices have suspicions that Adeleas' murder and Ispan Shefar's death at Harlon Bridge was not the work of bandits, but rather one of three sisters: Careane, Sareitha, or Merilille. Vandene tries to convince Elayne that she or Nynaeve should be responsible for keeping an eye on these overzealous "novices" (Zarya, for example, is ninety years old). Nynaeve walks by, and indignantly insists it should not be her responsibility because of numerous other obligations, including the oath to teach the Athan'Miere. Nynaeve decides Vandene will care for the novices. The group disperses.

Nynaeve leads Elayne to Reanne, on the way informing her that she has made gateways for eighteen of the Kin across various countries to try and find and collect any remaining Kin in Seanchan territories. They are both concerned that Egwene's promise to allow any Kin to return to the tower will be problematic, since not all are powerful enough for the shawl.

They reach Reanne, who is in the company of Alise and a captured Seanchan,Marli. They have figured out that the sul'dam often cannot channel but can "almost" do so, and Elayne's plan lies in convincing them that they can channel, which could potentially shake up the entire Seanchan society. Rand left her twenty nine sul'dam with a'dam, and five damane. Reanne thinks that three damane may be ready to be unleashed. One, Alivia, is considerably stronger than Nynaeve and has been damane for four hundred years. Lan favors the release of the damane, and Nynaeve agrees.