A member of the Younglings.

The Younglings are a military force born of the divided tower. They are loyal to Elaida's White Tower, as they view Elaida as the rightful Amyrlin Seat.

Under the command of Gawyn Trakand, a number of trainees of the tower warders fought to prevent the rescue of the deposed and stilled Amyrlin Siuan Sanche. Those who fought that day have been awarded a tower emblem.

The Younglings were later used by Elaida as an "honor guard" for the embassy sent to Cairhien, and the played a significant part in the Battle of Dumai's Wells.

Now an embarrassment to the tower they have been sent to the tiny village of Dorlan.

After Gawyn left them, and Egwene took command of the White Tower, the remaining Younglings were made Warders or formed into a new company of the Tower Guard, the latter at Gawyns recommendation to the current Guard Captain at the time. They functionally ceased to be an independent unit from the Guard.

After the Tower is reunited, Gawyn petitions Jimar Chubain to keep the Younglings who no longer wish to become Warders together as a group. Chubain considers forming them into a new company of the Tower Guard as one of the companies had been nearly wiped out during the Battle of Tar Valon.