EWoT: Yurith Azeri

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Yurith Azeri
Biographical information
Nationality Saldaean
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Build Lean
Chronological and political information
First mentioned COT 14
First appeared KOD 32
Last appeared KOD 32
Occupation Queen's Guard

Yurith Azeri is one of Elayne Trakand's bodyguards. She is from Saldaea.

Appearance Edit

She is as tall and lean as most men, standing 5'10. She has dark tilted eyes and a strong nose common to her country, and has short curly black hair.

She was short of her middle years. Despite having a cultured manner, she denied being noble-born.

She was cool and reserved, and rarely smiled. She would change the subject when asked about her past.

Activities Edit

She reports to Caseille Raskovni that Merilille Ceandevin and Talaan din Gelyn have fled the Royal Palace in Caemlyn.

She was a Hunter of the Horn before becoming one of Elayne's bodyguards. She is very skilled with a sword and teaches Elayne's other bodyguards how to use one. She is outside the house on Full Moon Street when the Aes Sedai's Warders go charging inside. Birgitte Silverbow gets the bodyguards to instead ride back to the royal palace and mount a strike force to try and rescue Elayne, who is taken captive.