EWoT: Zemaille din Amassa

Aes Sedai flag ajah-brown
Zemaille din Amassa
Biographical information
Nationality Atha'an Miere
Date of birth 931 NE
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Build Slim
Hair color Straight, black
Chronological and political information
First appeared NS 3
Last appeared COT 21
Affiliation White Tower
Occupation Librarian
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Brown Ajah

Zemaille din Amassa is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah.

Appearance Edit

Zemaille is one of the Atha'an Miere and is tall and slim with a dark face, straight black hair and black tattoos on her hands.

History Edit

Zemaille is 69 years old. In fact, she was born in the year 931 NE; she went to the Tower in 960 NE claiming she was eighteen. After spending ten years as novice and ten as Accepted she was raised to the shawl in the year 980 NE.

She was an Accepted in the White Tower during the Aiel War and when Gitara Moroso had her Foretelling about the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine suspects that she was, for some reason, deliberately holding back, which she was. She took care not to learn too quickly in order to avoid notice.

Strength Edit

Zemaille is described relatively weak in the One Power. This is almost confirmed by "The Wheel of Time Companion" where her strength is described at level 25(13), a high-middling level.

Activities Edit

She has remained loyal to the White Tower during the split.

She, and the other Atha'an Miere Aes Sedai (Nyein Kalede and Aiden Shimura), all work in the White Tower Library and are the secret keepers of the Thirteenth Depository.

She is the first to greet Alviarin Freidhen, when she returns to the Tower after a month's absence. [1]


  1. Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 21

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